WNRN looking for news volunteers

I just posted a link to Craigslist asking for new news volunteers for WNRN, where I serve as news director. Here's the copy:

WNRN is looking for reliable people to write and read the morning and afternoon news. If you've ever wanted a shot at being a broadcaster, this is your chance. With training you'll be on the air across Central Virginia, helping keep the community in touch with what's going on. No experience is necessary. The position is volunteer at first, but if you develop the skill, you'll be paid a small stipend. You'll gain valuable work experience and exposure that will pay off if you're willing to work hard. Be part of the team by contacting Sean Tubbs today!
The experience really is incredibly value, and well worth doing. If you're interested, drop me a line and we'll start the training process.


A test of a player for Bill Emory

Okay, let's try to get back to the business of this whole community podcasting thing. The below should play an audio montage that Bill Emory put together. This is a post to see if it works.

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I have desperate need for someone to help me create a player that is better than the Odeo. Any takers?


Another way to listen to podcasts on Virginia politics

Blog Net News tracks the blogosphere in Virginia, including the Virginia Podcasting Network. You can track these and other Virginia blogs easily with their site.

There are so many ways to access this information, and the challenge we have as Internet media is to figure out how to draw audience in every way possible.

Spocko on Charlottesville--Right Now

Coy Barefoot interviewed Spocko of Spocko's Brain on a recent edition of WINA's Charlottesville--Right Now. We posted the podcast on our Charlottesville--Right Now website. You can take a listen here:

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Coy's show is pushing way past the envelope of expectation for a so-called local show. Spocko's appearance is just one example of this. The show is exploring many niches, and I'm proud to help expand its reach through the use of embeddable players like the one above.

Coy's show is